German Shepherds


Ever since I can remember German Shepherd dogs have been the breed I wanted to own. My parents had a long coat German Shepherd called Waldo, he was sadly put to sleep due to cancer when I was just a baby but he must have made quite an impression on me! Growing up we didn't have a family dog until I was 13 and we welcomed Jasmin the Golden Retriever into our lives.

When I turned 18 I acquired my first German Shepherd dog 'Bayliss' (Kasron Highlander) who was everything and more I expected from the breed. Bayliss taught me the potential of a well bred GSD and when he passed away tragically from a very rare intestinal complication at only 2 1/2 I knew that I wanted to breed beautiful German Shepherd dogs with the temperament and capabilities that Bayliss had, so that other could experience the great joy he brought me.


Once Kasron Quality, ‘Chili’, came home, my sister Hayley was roped in to handling her as we entered the show scene – and was bitten by the show bug! She has been my ‘right hand man’ in all aspects of Blakngold, from handling and obedience training to assisting with bitches when whelping. When Indi retired from the show scene, there was never any doubt as to where she would end up – on Hayley’s bed!

In 2010, in recognition of her help and support, Blakngold became a partnership between Hayley and myself.


The first Blakngold litter was born in May 2005 when Kardin Tammy 'A'Z' whelped 10 pups to *Stobar Peete 'A'Z'. Two bitches from this litter have been breed surveyed class one, and Blakngold Honey Jumble has been a successful producing bitch for Jayshell kennels.


Building on our foundations from the highly successful and established bloodlines, today Blakngold has enjoyed show and breeding success with our homebred dogs as well as those entrusted to us by others. We aim to improve with each generation we breed and always put our all into our pursuits.

 Our dogs are first and foremost much loved pets and companions and are treated as such. They all receive individual attention, training and time inside the house. Both Hayley and myself really enjoy obedience training as well as other activities such as keeping the dogs fit with walks or running with the bike, social meet ups and watching the dogs play and swim on our acreage properties, located just outside of Ballarat in Scarsdale and Snake Valley



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